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What is a Red-Carpet Facial?

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The red-carpet facial is one that is an immediate skin tightening that begins with microdermabrasion and followed by a flash treatment. A combination of the Oxygen/Vitanome skin therapy is followed by applications of Momosa Ten, Vitamins C and F, collagen, elastin, and vegetal tensors.

The red-carpet procedure achieves younger-looking skin. Famous actresses such as Rihanna and Hally Berry have done this procedure before big events. Oxy light treatment is used on the skin as well with this procedure.


· Remove signs of aging

· Sun damage will be greatly reduced

· Evens out skin tone

· Wrinkle defense

How is it done

LED light is used on skin which stimulates the muscles on the skin. This stimulates muscles in the skin. This is followed by a microcurrent treatment and then finished with sunscreen and eye gel or serum added. Microdermabrasion is also done following with a flash treatment.

Oxy-light Treatment

· LED light which is used on skin

· Stimulates muscles in skin

· This is followed by a microcurrent treatment

· Finished with sunscreen and eye gel or serum.

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