Everything You Need to Know About Laser Genesis

Are you looking to alleviate redness, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines or wrinkles? Have you tried creams, facials or other methods?

Laser genesis may be just the right solution for you! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the laser genesis procedure.

What Is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is an effective treatment that can be used to treat large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, diffuse redness and scars.

The laser works by gently heating the dermis below the skin's surface and stimulating collagen production and elastin. Collagen gives the skin its strength and firmness. Elastin is a protein which helps the skin to resume its shape after contracting or stretching.

As collagen and elastin break down, that's when we see signs of aging. Laser Genesis is an effective tool against fine lines and aging because of the way in which it stimulates the collagen and elastin.

The procedure is also very effective against things like rosacea. The laser is able to break down the blood vessels and capillaries that contribute to the condition. Laser Genesis can also shrink pores.

Benefits of Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive procedure that takes between 15 to 30 minutes. The procedure is painless, so no anesthesia, anti-inflammatories or pain medication is needed.

While a full course of treatment normally requires several sessions spaced out four weeks apart, there is no downtime or recovery after each treatment. Laser Genesis is a safe treatment for all skin types and can be used safely on all body types (except for the area around the eyes).

What Should I Expect During a Treatment

If you're considering having Laser Genesis treatments, here's what you can expect during the entire process.

Before Treatment

The doctor will ask you to reduce the use of makeup or moisturizers on your skin. Depending on the area being treated, you may be asked to shave the area to achieve the best results possible. No creams, gels, or application of ice is required before the laser treatment.

During Treatment

Treatments can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. The person administering the treatment will cleanse your skin, place goggles on your eyes for protection, select your treatment settings and begin.

You will experience a gentle warming of your skin's surface during the procedure as the laser hand piece is moved back and forth about 1/2 inch above your skin. Patients often report how relaxing and therapeutic the treatment is.

After Treatment

There is no downtime with Laser Genesis. You can expect to resume all normal activities immediately after treatment. You may notice that the treated area is pink due to the heat of the laser, but it should diminish within an hour after the procedure.

While Laser Genesis is a highly effective treatment, patients will need to follow a course of treatment over several week and months to achieve the best results.

To optimize and prolong results, patients should protect themselves from the sun and follow a skincare routine.

Try Laser Genesis Today

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