4 Reasons Why Dermablading Is The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

You may think men are the only ones entitled to a good shave at the hands of a professional. If so, you're wrong!

A new skincare craze is taking the wonderful world of women's spa treatments by storm.

It's called dermablading.

If you've been looking for a chemical-free way to keep your skin looking fresh, then keep reading to learn about the technique that has women putting a blade to their face in the name of beauty.

4 Reasons to Start Dermablading Today

Never heard of it? The idea may inspire thoughts of men shaving or surgery, but that's not what this procedure is all about.

Here are a few reasons you should give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.

1. It Leaves Your Skin Hairless and Smooth

Facial hair is a normal occurrence for women, particularly when they age and during or just after pregnancy. Dermablading is the process by which a small, sterile scalpel is gently swiped across a face to remove hair.

It's good for the safe removal of tiny thin hairs, exaggerated sideburns, upper lip hair and other unwanted hairs on the face.

The process, which usually takes only about 30 minutes, leaves your face feeling smooth and hair-free. The cycle lasts about 3 weeks. It takes less time than many at-home hair removal treatments like tweezing or waxing the whole face, and lasts just as long (if not longer).

The process is an exfoliating treatment as well as a hair removal treatment. It removes weeks worth of dead skin cells, milia, and other skin imperfections, leaving skin smooth and clean looking for weeks.

2. It Doesn't Hurt

Any time you put a sharp object on your skin, you run the risk of cutting. But most dermablading professionals can work with the curves of your face with no problem, making it a painless treatment when done by a professional.

The blade gently swipes over the face in a way that is relaxing, almost like a massage.

Customers who attend treatments at spas are typically given the royal treatment, which could include music and scented botanicals for an overall relaxing experience.

3. It's Chemical-Free

In today's world, almost everything has some kind of toxic chemical component. But that's why it's so refreshing that this is a chemical-free process.

It's an especially good procedure for people concerned with harmful chemicals. This may include pregnant women and anyone who subscribes to a holistic lifestyle.

4. It Makes You Look Younger

The reason we put ourselves through various treatments to remove hair and skin cells is that we want to look good. Undoubtedly, dermablading makes clients look younger.

With smoother, newly exfoliated, radiant skin people leave the spa glowing and looking their best.

Try It Today

You're probably saying to yourself: "Ok, that sounds great, but where do I start?"

Great question!

It's important to have a professional complete the procedure for you to do it in the safest, most sterile way possible.

Before you start contacting every spa in New York looking for one that offers dermablade services, reach out to us here and we will get you started.

Elsa M Reyes